Welcome to IVSA Leipzig!

We are the IVSA Leipzig, a small but dedicated group of vet students in the eastern part of Germany. Leipzig is a very green and alternative city, full of student life but lots of history as well. We have 700.000 inhabitants but so many parks, rivers and forest, that it doesn’t feel like a crazy hectic city. We have a very vibrant party scene and lots of fun outdoor activities to offer. Our faculty is the smallest of all in Germany, only graduating 120 students per year. We are a very close family on our campus and support one another as much as possible.

Our four clinics and twelve institutes take international applicants, but unfortunately you have to be very early to apply, because there are very limited spots.

We organize one or sometimes two group exchanges per year and are happy to help everyone who’d like to come for an internship/externship. We also support IVSA Global activities like the development fund and the fundraising for vet books for Africa. Every year we hold an informative evening for our students on how to go abroad, to help them going out there and explore the world. Because that is what IVSA is all about!

Our clinics are:

  • Clinic for Horses
  • Clinic for Production Animals
  • Clinic for Small Animals
  • Clinic for Birds and Exotics

For more information, feel free to visit the website of our university

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help you. Contact us via e-mail or visit us on Facebook.

Meet the officials

Natascha Rüping


Natascha Rüping

Exchange officer