Welcome to IVSA Munich!

We are the IVSA Munich Team, comprised of about 15 active members. We attend global symposia and congresses, host 2-3 university exchanges a year as well as local IVSA events and fundraising. Munich is known for the world famous Oktoberfest (Bavarian Wiesn) but we have more to offer than just beer and bratwurst! 

Munich is one of the greenest cities in the world with the biggest inner city park, “the English Garden”. This is where the main campus of the veterinary faculty is located, in the heart of Munich. Most of our events are hosted here and during our exchanges we organize lectures and workshops (like ultrasound) on this campus. Our second campus sight is located on the outskirts of Munich in Oberschleißheim, which is where we show our exchange students our university farm as well as do wet labs in the bovine, swine and avian/exotics clinic. Both locations put together 7 clinics and 19 institutes that offer student as well as postgraduate opportunities. 

Not only does our university have a lot to offer but the city as well! With museums, art galleries and night life. If being indoors doesn’t tickle you, fancy Munich is great for active people. You can see the alps from our IVSA Clubhouse and Munich is surrounded by stunning blue lakes as well as an amazingly clean river running through it (in which we love to swim, river raft and cool our beer). 

Have we woken your interest for an exchange? For more information contact us via e-mail or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Cheers from Munich!

Meet the officials

Nicole Struppek


Felix Metzger


Chris Zillinger

Exchange officer

Philippe Weissenberg

exchange officer